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Top 4 Spring Tree Branch Trimming Tips for Homeowners

Spring is often one of the busiest time for homeowners as the snows thaw and gardens are exposed. The winter can be hard on trees and pruning them is essential to keep their health and help them flourish. There are many of us who try to trim our perennials over cutting them can have a lot of effects on the tree as it can help your tree grow stronger.

When to prune?

Many experts believe that pruning in early spring is a great time as it allows tree the time to grow and help promote good health. Pruning before the buds breaks and can lead to optimum wound closure. There are many important reasons to trim in early spring as it gives the tree a new structure to help start before new buds emerge. Also, this is one of the clear ways to see if there is any overgrowth and also look into the branches which might have suffered damage over the winter months.


Flowering and deciduous trees

Flowering fruit trees and deciduous trees are some of the best trees which can be pruned in late winters and early springs. These trees have energy in their root system, which pruned in late winter can also encourage vigorous growth in the branches. This means better quality of fruit and bountiful yield. You should not be afraid to trim aggressively as it is much harder to cut but also provides for new growth in trees.


Evergreens are pruned slightly differently from other trees. There are many who recommends pruning evergreens in early spring. This means that the natural branching pattern of the tree needs to be cut away with the winter damage as it is as simple as the trimming dead foliage. There are evergreens like cedar and boxwood, which is a process known as selective pruning. This is one way to help give your plants long term results. If you are looking for a denser look over time regular shearing is the best for evergreens.

DIY or Professional?



With the right tools, pruning is easy, but there are times where you might consider a professional. If you are considering pruning for cosmetic reasons, it is safe to say that you can do it yourself. Also, it is quite easy to wield and shear small or medium trees to which can help them develop better form the base. There are many closed root systems which can have a tree store its energy from the main plant to help focus on themselves. You will start to notice that the as you try to prune them too much you will lose the original tree and this is the time to invest in a good professional to do your work for you.

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