Tree Services in Staten Island

There are many fantastic services offered by Barbaria Tree Service in Staten Island.

* Stump removal
* Pruning
* Tree Removal
* Land clearing
* Tree thinning
* Dead branch removal
* Tree planting
* Fire Wood (call for price)

Stump Removal

Stump removal can be very difficult if you are not a trained specialist. It can also be very dangerous if you are not a professional. Hooking up a chain and pulling is NOT the safest thing to do for homeowners. Talk to the professionals at Barbaria. Contact Barbaria tree service to hire your personal Staten Island stump removal specialist.

Grinding is the preferred way to remove stumps at this time all the way around. Grinding allows homeowners to have a nice smooth area where their tree once stood. It doesn't require bringing in large amounts of fill dirt to replace a missing stump/root system. It also does NOT disrupt nearby OTHER items - other trees or more importantly - cause problems when the roots may be wrapped into the electrical wires, drain lines, water lines or other underground structures.

Tree Removals

This is our bread and butter - tree cutting and clearing. Have a dead or dying tree? One that's gotten too large for the area and is causing problems? There are all sorts of reasons to want trees removed. Talk to the pros at Barbaria to get a professional opinion on your BEST course of action when you're thinking about having a tree taken down!

Clearing a lot and need temporary storage? AllStates Containers provides storage and shipping containers for temporary usage - or long term. Watertight and lockable.

Arborist Services

Tree planting and transportation is a very delicate process and can be done very effectively by an arborist. Sure you can go out and grab a few trees and plant them - but will they grow the way you expect? Enough light there? Enough regular water? Too MUCH water? An arborist will be able to listen to you, examine your desired locations and give you the best recommendations for successful trees! Staten Island tree planting and transportation specialists at Barbaria tree service will provide the gentile care required for handling plants.

Trimming and Pruning

Trimming trees is easy enough when they're down close to the ground. That often is NOT the case though! Many times Barbaria is called to prune branches that require either a bucket or climbers to get to. Many old trees can truly be several stories high. These trees can live for years, but do best when they are tended to with a little preventative care. Call our trimming experts to get TLC for your trees today!

If you are looking for a service not offered above please call to see if we can be of assistance.